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    Dear Dr. Ali Greetings The species has been identified as Paracopium cingalensis by one of our taxonomist, nonetheless, when I was communicating my paper to an international journal, they confirmed that the genus is correct but asked me to confirm ...

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    This insect is actually a member of a completely different insect family. I suspect that it belongs to the genus Physatochiela Fiber or the genus Dictyla Stal. Physatochiela is separated from Dictyla by the presence of ostolar peritremes on the thorax ...

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    Dr. Ahmad, this picture looks like it could be in the family "Coreidae" genus Althos.  Im not sure if this is right, but it's just a guess. Hope it helps. ------------------------------ Andrew Lawson University of Tennessee Knoxville TN (865) 314-9568 ...


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